History of the University Hill Corporation

Formed in 1963, the University Hill Corporation was established as an independent 501(c)3 planning and development organization comprised of the executive leadership of University Hill’s not-for-profit organizations, medical facilities, and academic institutions. Since its inception, it has been charged with making thoughtful, long-range plans that will maintain the area as a place where people want to live, work, and study. As identified in its charter, the Corporation’s key objective is “to seek a common solution” to issues impacting its members and the Hill community at large.

A Catalyst for Action

The Corporation’s mission is to encourage the growth and enhancement of the area by promoting coordinated development, supporting shared services, and assisting in members’ efforts to secure financing or approvals for their projects. Among its goals, the organization seeks to adopt specific projects that maintain the excellence of the community’s educational and medical facilities, enhance the Hill’s business districts, and strengthen its residential neighborhoods. The Corporation also works to develop other cooperative projects that enhance the quality of life in the area.


Since the organization’s creation, considerable public and private investment in both human and financial resources have combined to make University Hill an important section of the city of Syracuse. Hill Businesses generate an annual payroll in excess of $400 million. The annual operating budgets of the Hill’s institutions total more than $716 million. The Hill is also the center of the community’s technological research, with new investments on the Hill exceeding a billion dollars over the last ten years, resulting in a significant impact on the economy of the Central New York Region.