Community Enhancement through Cooperative Efforts

The University Hill Corporation is involved in many projects aimed at coordinating services and development efforts among its member institutions to foster consensus and implement long-term goals. The organization is involved in improving the quality of life on the Hill through a variety of roles and cooperative services.

Strategic Planning

The University Hill Corporation is devising a strategic plan for the Hill, covering four key areas:

  • Collaborative Transportation & Parking – to develop a cooperative park-and-ride system that would consolidate existing shuttle services and enhance parking and transit options for University Hill employees.
  • Talent Attraction, Retention, & Development – to develop initiatives to attract talented individuals for the educational and medical institutions, religious organizations, and commercial establishments on the Hill.
  • Branding of the Hill – to enhance the Hill’s image and reputation, both locally and nationally, as a center of education, healthcare, commerce, and culture.
  • Planning & Development – to establish a profile the Hill’s assets and identify what is needed to make the area and its constituent institutions, organizations, and businesses economically stronger, in order to attract  developers, investors, and people to the Hill.

Parking & Transportation

The University Hill Corporation provides staff, technical assistance, and support for the construction of new garages, development of mass transit, and the implementation of other innovative strategies to increase access to and throughout the Hill. The Corporation has retained consultants to study and implement solutions for parking and transportation needs in the area.

Transportation on the Hill A University Hill Park and Ride Feasibility Study was commissioned by the Syracuse Metropolitan Transportation Council (SMTC) on behalf of the project’s sponsors, the Metropolitan Development Association and the Hill Corporation. The study’s goal is to advance the concept of an integrated parking strategy and assessing the potential for a single, remote, mixed-use facility including shared institutional parking, structurally integrated supportive land uses, and transit shuttle service to major institutions. The facility would serve the academic and healthcare facilities of University Hill, as well as the needs of the Crouse-Marshall and East Genesee Business Districts.

Ideally, a remote parking facility would allow Hill institutions to accommodate demand generated by new development, replace existing parking on the Hill to make land available for new development, or shift employee parking to preserve nearby spaces for patients and visitors. The remote nature of the facility would benefit traffic operations in the area by reducing congestion and improving the streetscape. The facility would also allow Hill institutions to advance green initiatives by encouraging alternative modes of transportation, such as carpooling, walking, and transit.

This study follows a University Hill Transportation Study conducted by SMTC on behalf of the University Hill Corporation, which focused on interstate access; institutional parking; and transit, walking and biking issues. The plan identified possible improvements to meet the needs of University Hill for these three issues as it develops over the next 20 years. A major aim of the initiative was to ensure the economic viability of the institutions located in the study area while minimizing impacts to surrounding neighborhoods.

University Hill Public Safety Association

University Hill Safety & SecurityThe University Hill Public Safety Association coordinates security and response efforts among the security forces of member institutions for the overall safety of the Hill’s residents, students, employees, and visitors. The organization was instrumental in the creation of HILLNET, a security-communications system that provides instantaneous communication between the security departments of the member institutions, reducing response time to incidents within the University Hill area.

University Hill Long-Term Energy Supply Task Force

The Corporation’s Long Term Energy Supply Task Force works with member institutions and NYSERDA to address the area’s future steam, electricity, and energy needs.

Commercial District Growth

Hill Business DistrictThe University Hill Corporation provides staff and technical assistance to the East Genesee Regent Association and the Crouse-Marshall Business Association. These organizations undertake cooperative efforts in their districts to improve the commercial viability, appearance, and desirability of these areas. In collaboration with these business groups, the Hill Corporation takes an active role in planning for public improvements, creating special events, producing marketing materials, and assisting in planning and zoning issues.


Hill HousingThe University Hill Corporation works in cooperation with the City of Syracuse and the private development community to construct new housing on the Hill to expand options for area residents. The organization also works with non-profits such as Habitat for Humanity to construct low-cost homes, and private organizations such as Housing Visions Unlimited, to renovate apartments into affordable rental units.