University Hill Public Safety Association

The University Hill Public Safety Association (UHPSA) is an organization consisting of the representatives from the law enforcement, security, and public safety agencies protecting and serving the University Hill area and its institutions.

The mission of the UHPSA is to maintain and improve public safety in the University Hill area through collaboration, cooperation, and communication.  Member agencies further the mission by:

  • Exchanging and sharing information on issues in the University Hill area impacting, quality of service to community served, crime and incident trends, including specific ongoing cases and investigations, traffic, transportation, and traffic control issues, law enforcement and security training¬† opportunities and needs, operations, and emergency preparedness.
  • Engaging in collaborative crime prevention efforts.
  • Sharing resources and coordinating efforts to address crime.
  • Offering field staff immediate interoperable communications capabilities.
  • Evaluating public safety, emergency response, and security needs, and planning to meet those needs.

Additional assistance and resources are provided by the University Hill Corporation.

Member Organizations:

  • Syracuse Police Department
  • SUNY College of Environmental
    Science and Forestry
  • Syracuse University
  • SUNY Upstate Medical University
  • Syracuse VA Medical Center
  • Crouse Hospital
  • Hutchings Psychiatric Center
  • Syracuse Housing Authority
  • Sheraton Syracuse University
    Hotel & Conference Center
  • Centro
  • University Hill Corporation
  • Crouse Marshall Business
    Improvement District
  • LeMoyne College
  • Auburn Correctional Facility

    (Top Photo) SU Dept. of Public Safety
    Emergency Communications
    Center with Coordinators
    Mateo Tarrats (right) and
    Jim Keefe (center).

    (Bottom Photo) SU Dept. of Public Safety
    Commander Ryan Beauford
    talks with students on move-in day.