Fueling Economic Development & Career Opportunities

With its high concentration of academic and medical institutions, labs, and high-tech facilities, University Hill is a hub of advanced research, supporting leading work in science, technology, medicine, and business innovation in Central New York.

Innovation & Research

Syracuse University Logo

Syracuse University

The centers and institutes of Syracuse University are dedicated to promoting research excellence and fostering an innovative and collaborative technology environment in Central New York.

  • Center for Science and Technology, Syracuse University

    The Syracuse University Center for Science and Technology was constructed in 1988 on a five-acre site bounded by College Place, Euclid Avenue, Comstock Place, and University Place. The Center represents an effort to strengthen the Syracuse area and the New York State economy through increased University-industry collaborative efforts. The Center is achieving its economic development objectives by attracting new research-based industry to New York, educating and training workers, incubating new industries, and transferring technology created through University research. The Sci-Tech Building houses the W.M. Keck Center for Molecular Electronics, the Center for Advanced Technology in Computer Applications and Software Engineering (CASE), and the graduate chemistry department.

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  • Life Sciences Complex, Syracuse University

    The Life Sciences Complex at Syracuse University is the latest addition to the Center for Science and Technology. Completed in 2008, the addition more than doubled the existing complex, adding new classroom and laboratory space. The facility has brought together Syracuse University’s programs in biology, chemistry, and biochemistry, as well as its graduate programs in structural biology, biochemistry, and biophysics. For the first time in the history of SU, these sciences are physically united in one location.

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  • New York State Science + Technology Law Center at Syracuse University College of Law

    The New York State Science + Technology Law Center (NYS STLC) is an industry leader in technology commercialization, assisting hundreds of companies and institutions aiming to deliver new and emerging technology to the marketplace. The NYS STLC identifies potential challenges in bringing new technologies from lab to market and provides strategic advice and effective solutions for entrepreneurs and companies. The NYS STLC is a designation given to The Syracuse Law Technology Commercialization Law Center (TCLC), recognizing the University’s integration of science and technology development with legal analysis and hands-on experience.

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  • SU Center for Advanced Systems and Engineering

    The Center for Advanced Systems and Engineering (CASE) connects the business community to the extensive resources available through Syracuse University. CASE, a NYSTAR-designated Center for Advanced Technology (CAT) in complex information systems, provides high-technology start-ups the necessary support and facilities to encourage growth and capital investment through their incubation program. By enabling businesses to take advantage of University resources for collaboration and technology advancement, CASE has proven to be an integral component of the high-technology economy of New York State.

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  • SU Park for Innovation & Research

    The Syracuse University Park for Innovation and Research provides new and expanding businesses the tools and resources necessary for proper business development. Located on 100 acres of land in the University Hill community, the park is fully equipped to accommodate the physical demands of virtually any business. Companies located at the park are able to take advantage of the educational and intellectual resources of Syracuse University and neighboring institutions. The Syracuse University Park for Innovation and Research will continue to encourage the vibrant, high-tech market so prominent in Central New York.

National Veteran's Resource Center Logo

National Veteran's Resource Center

Currently under construction, The National Veterans Resource Center (NVRC) will connect veteran life and Syracuse University through a public-private sector partnership to support the economic advancement of veterans and military families. The Center will provide a wide array of services such as workforce and vocational skills training, educational programming and counseling, a Veteran Business Outreach Center & Business Accelerator, and Regional Cultural Center and Museum. With new classrooms, a conference center, and auditorium, the NRVC is designed as a hub for the integration of community organizations and government partners, fulfilling a central objective of Syracuse University by enlivening the civic realm.

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Syracuse University: Center for Excellence in Environmental & Energy Systems Logo

Syracuse University: Center for Excellence in Environmental & Energy Systems

The Syracuse University Center for Excellence in Environmental & Energy Systems is focused on developing improvements in energy efficiency and environmental sustainability through clean energy and environmentally friendly communities. SyracuseCoE is comprised of innovative faculty, students, and partners at over 200 firms, working to advance innovations from lab to market. The projects conducted align with commercialization of innovative products/technologies and focus on SyracuseCoE’s three core areas; indoor environmental quality and building energy efficiency, clean and renewable energy, and water resources. SyracuseCoE promotes unification of research in these core areas to address the major global challenges of today.

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SUNY Upstate Medical University Logo

SUNY Upstate Medical University

SUNY Upstate has garnered international recognition for their core research facilities and resources as they continue their work of driving innovation and discovery.

  • Weiskotten Hall

    Weiskotten Hall at SUNY Upstate Medical University was built to establish a singular home for the Education Communications department, allowing for optimal creative collaboration and intellectual discourse.

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  • Health Sciences Library

    The SUNY Upstate Medical University Health sciences Library is located in Weiskotten Hall on 766 Irving Avenue. The Library provides the Upstate community with health information services and resources to assist in meeting both current and emerging needs.

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  • Neurosciences Research Building/Institution for Human Performance

    Opened in 2014, the Upstate Neuroscience Research Building consolidated Upstate neuroscientists into one building, removing any divide in discipline to enrich collaboration and drive innovative research. Researchers seek to address some of today’s most pressing issues in neuroscience, such as behavioral disorders like ADHD, diseases of the eye, and neurodegenerative diseases such as ALS, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. An expansion to the Institute for Human Performance added five floors of technology and lab space focused on biomedical research and patient rehabilitation. Research is aimed at advancing human performance and lessening the effects of disease, disability, and aging.

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CNY Biotech Accelerator Logo

CNY Biotech Accelerator

The Central New York Biotech Accelerator (CNYBAC) is a NYS Certified Business Incubator, providing support for biotech startups within the Central New York region and New York State. Operated by Upstate Medical University, the CNYBAC offers services such as mentoring networks, rentable event space, and access to SUNY Upstate Medical University research facilities and assistance at internal rates. Central New York is currently home to nearly 4,400 jobs in the biotechnology sector and is poised to continue expanding its impact in this promising field.

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Green Data Center

Completed in 2010, the Green Data Center (GDC) is one of the most energy-efficient data centers in the world. Formed as part of IBM’s “Smarter Planet” initiative and through partnership with Syracuse University and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), the computer center combines new innovations with smarter technologies to use 50% less energy, reducing energy costs and environmental impact. Approximately half of the space in the GDC contains research equipment and facilities for researchers and graduate assistants.

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Career Opportunities

The University Hill area employs over 21,000 people with positions ranging from entry level to some of the highest, most technically challenging positions in the country. Employing four of the top fifteen employers in the region and 8 percent of all employees in the Syracuse metropolitan area, University Hill is the fastest growing area in Central New York. With an abundance of professions in education, healthcare, business, research, hospitality, and community services, University Hill is a dynamic and collaborative environment well-equipped for the next generation of innovation and technology.

Diversifying the Hill

Diversifying the Hill Initiative (DtHI) is a solely voluntary collective created to unite institutions and agencies on the University Hill for the

Members of the Diversifying the Hill Initiative hold their first event in November, 2017

primary purpose of providing community, educational, networking, and recruitment opportunities, through emphasizing diversity, inclusion, equity, and accessibility. The collective includes Crouse Hospital, Cuse Cultural Magazine, SUNY-ESF, Syracuse University, Syracuse Veterans Administration Medical Center, University Hill Corporation, and Upstate Medical University. Specific purposes of DtHI include increasing workplace diversity among the entities and organizations of the Hill, enhancing collaborative work and professional networking, and engaging within the Syracuse community in supporting the attraction, recruitment, and retention of diverse workforce talent.